Welcome to our comprehensive guide to the Samsung washing machine 3C3 error code! If you own a Samsung washer and have encountered the 3C error code, you’ve come to the right place. In this post, we will explore the various error codes associated with 3C, including 3C1, 3C2, 3C3, 3C4, 3E, 3E1, 3E2, 3E3, and 3E4.

3C or 3C3 Error Code on Samsung Washing Machines 3e error
3C or 3C3 Error Code on Samsung Washing Machines

Understanding these error codes is crucial for troubleshooting and resolving any issues you may be experiencing with your Samsung washing machine. So, let’s dive in and fix these error faults to get your washer up and running again!

What does the 3C or 3C3 error code on Samsung washing machines mean?

The 3C or 3C3 err or code on Samsung washing machines typically indicates a problem with the direct drive motor. The error code is a shortened form of “motor driving error,” meaning that the washer is unable to properly drive the motor.

Causes of the 3C or 3C3 Error Code: Unveiling Motor-Related Problems

Here are some possible reasons for the appearance of this error code:

  • When you overload the machine with too much laundry, it can cause a restriction on the motor, leading to a 3C error.
    • The motor may struggle to rotate or may not rotate at all, triggering the 3C3 error code.
  • Sometimes, a foreign object, such as a small piece of clothing between the drum and outer tube, a bad bearing, or a faulty drum spider arm assembly, can get lodged in the motor, preventing it from spinning freely.
    • This restriction can lead to the 3C error code.
  • Poor or faulty connections between the motor, inverter board, and main board result in a 3C error.
    • Loose or damaged wires can cause intermittent power supply or communication issues, triggering the error code.
  • A defective rotor or stator in the direct drive motor can cause the 3C error. The motor’s internal coil may be damaged, either short-circuited or cut, preventing it from functioning properly.
  • If the hall sensor terminal is not connected properly or is faulty, it may not provide accurate readings to the control board, resulting in a 3C error.
  • The hall sensor in the motor measures the rotation speed. If it reads a lower-than-expected RPM (revolutions per minute), it can trigger a 3C error. One possible cause is a faulty hall sensor itself.
  • In some cases, the main board of the washing machine may be defective. This can cause communication issues with the motor or incorrect control signals, leading to the appearance of the 3C3 error code.

Solutions for the 3C or 3C3 Error Code: Troubleshooting Steps to Consider

Here are some potential solutions for the 3C or 3C3 error code on Samsung washing machines:

  • Remove some laundry from the machine to reduce the load and ensure it is within the recommended capacity. Restart the wash cycle and see if the error code clears.
  • Inspect the motor and surrounding components for any foreign objects or obstructions. Remove any debris or extra clothing and replace damaged parts (e.g., bearings, drum spider assembly, etc.) that may be restricting the motor’s movement.
  • Carefully examine the motor’s wiring and connections for any loose or damaged wires. Ensure all connections are secure and intact. If you find any issues, repair or replace the faulty wiring as needed.
  • To diagnose the issue, thoroughly examine the wash motor, which includes inspecting the rotor magnet. Additionally, measure the stator resistance and ensure that the value between phases is 10.8 ohms. If any components are found to be defective or if the measured value is outside the acceptable range, they should be replaced.

Samsung Washer BLDC Motor Resistance Measurements:

Samsung Washing Machine - Stator Resistance Measurements BLDC motor
Samsung Washing Machine: Stator Resistance Measurements BLDC motor

Samsung Washer Universal Motor Resistance Measurements:

Samsung Washing Machine Universal Motor Resistance Measurements
Samsung Washing Machine: Universal Motor Resistance Measurements
  • Check the hall sensor and its wiring for any visible damage or loose connections.
    • Verify that the hall sensor terminal is properly connected.
    • If necessary, disconnect and reconnect it to ensure a secure connection.
  • Check the hall sensor’s functionality by conducting a resistance measurement, ensuring it falls within the range of VCC and Ha = VCC, with Hb being approximately 4.6 kilohms.
    • If the issue persists, consider replacing the hall sensor.
3C 3E or 3C3 Error Code on Samsung Washing Machines Hall sensor resistance measurements
  1. If the issue continues to persist even after attempting all the troubleshooting steps mentioned earlier, it might be imperative to consider replacing the inverter board.
  2. If the error still occurs, replace the main board.

Conclusion: Resolving the 3C or 3C3 Error Code for Optimal Washer Performance

The 3C or 3C3 error code on Samsung washing machines indicates a direct drive motor problem. Common causes include overloading, hall sensor issues, obstructions, bad connections, faulty wash motors, faulty hall sensors, or electronic board defects. To resolve the error, adjust the load, check connections, remove obstructions, replace the direct drive motor, or replace the inverter and/or main board. Resolving the error ensures proper functionality and the long-term performance of your washer.

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