In this article, we will provide an overview of the Frigidaire dryer error codes and what they mean, as well as some troubleshooting tips to help you fix the issue.

Frigidaire Dryer Error Codes Explained
Frigidaire Dryer Error Codes Explained

By understanding these codes and following the steps outlined below, you can get your Frigidaire dryer running smoothly again.

Frigidaire Dryer Error Codes

Remember to always unplug the dryer and exercise caution when attempting any repairs.

E3: Front NTC sensor failure.

An E3 error indicates a problem with the sensor circuit, which is either open (not allowing current to flow) or closed (allowing constant current flow). Which could be caused by a faulty thermistor or a faulty wire connection.

Related error code:

  • E5: Back NTC sensor failure.


  • Check whether the wire harness connection has any loose or cut wires.
  • Check the sensor, and if the resistance is not within the specified range, replace the sensor.
Electric part nameTemperatureOhmic value
NTC sensor25°C~ 50 KΩ
  • Check the main board and, if required, replace it with a new one.

E4: Moisture sensor value out of range error.

Which could be caused by a faulty moisture sensor or a faulty board.


  • Test the wire harness connection for any loose or cut wires.
  • Check the moisture sensor and replace it if necessary.
  • If the main board is not functioning properly, replace it.

C9: EEPROM error.

The EEPROM of the main board is corrupted.


  • Replace the main board.


Frigidaire dryer error codes can be a useful tool in diagnosing and fixing problems with your appliance. By understanding what the codes mean and following the troubleshooting steps outlined in this article, you can often resolve issues on your own. In any case, it is important to address any error codes promptly to ensure the safe and proper functioning of your Frigidaire dryer.

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