Dealing with error codes on your LG washing machine can be really annoying, especially when it messes up your laundry schedule. One of the most common error codes you might encounter is the LE error. But don’t fret! There are practical solutions to help you solve this issue and get your washing machine working smoothly again.

How to Fix LE Error on LG Washing Machines
How to Fix LE Error on LG Washing Machine

In this post, we’ll explain what causes the LE error and give you easy steps to troubleshoot and fix it. So, let’s jump right in and learn how to get rid of the LE error on LG washing machines.

How to Fix LE Error on LG Washing Machine

The LE error code on LG washing machines typically indicates a problem with the motor. The error is an abbreviation for “Locked Rotor Error

,” meaning that the motor is unable to rotate as intended.

What is the reason for the LE error code appearing on my LG front-load or top-load washing machine?

There are several factors that can contribute to the LE error code, including:

  1. Overloading: Putting too many clothes in your washer or exceeding the recommended weight limit can strain the motor, causing it to lock up and trigger the LE error.
  2. Uneven Load Distribution: Unevenly distributing the laundry inside the drum can create an imbalance, causing the motor to struggle and ultimately resulting in the LE error.
  3. Faulty Hall Sensor: The Hall sensor is responsible for detecting the speed and direction of the motor. If the sensor becomes defective or malfunctions, it may send incorrect signals to the control board, triggering the LE error code.
  4. Loose Connections: Loose or damaged wire connections between the motor, control board, and other components can disrupt the motor’s operation, leading to the LE error.
  5. Wear and tear: Continuous use over time can cause the motor and/or drum bearings to wear out, leading to increased friction and eventual motor failure, resulting in the LE error.
LE Error on LG Washing Machine Faulty Bearings

If you encounter the LE error code on your LG washing machine, follow these troubleshooting steps to resolve the issue:

Check for tub rotation and noise.

  • During the wash cycle, manually spin the tub by hand. Does it make any noise?
  • If the tub makes noise:
    • Turn off and unplug the washer, then carefully lay it on its side for visual inspection.
    • Remove the washer back cover and check if the motor bolt is loose. Tighten it if necessary.
    • Inspect the stator bolts. Are they loose? If so, tighten them.
    • Examine the rotor, clutch, and coupler assembly. If any of these parts are cracked or broken, replace them.
    • Ensure that the harness to the stator assembly is inside the fixed guard to prevent damage from the rotor.
LE Error Bearings in good conditions
  • Inspect Connectors:
    • If there is no noise,
      • Check all connectors, such as the motor hall sensor connector and motor drive connector. Make sure they are securely connected.
  • Examine rotor magnets:
    • Inspect the rotor magnets for any damage. If they are damaged, they need to be replaced.
LG washer LE error check the rotor

If you have inspected the components and found no damage, you can proceed to component testing.

Stator Assembly:
  • Test the wiring harness resistance between the main board and the stator assembly.
    • The resistance values should fall within the range of 5–15 ohms, with all three legs being equal.
LG washing machine LE error code Check the stator
Hall Sensor Component (not applicable to all models):
  • If your model has a hall sensor:
    • Test the wiring harness resistance between the main board and the hall sensor.
    • Check the resistance of the hall sensor using the following values:
LG washing machine LE error code Check the hall sensor


By following the provided troubleshooting steps, such as inspecting and tightening bolts, replacing damaged parts, and checking connections, you can resolve the LE error on LG washing machine. Remember to unplug the machine before conducting any inspections or repairs.

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