Facing a restricted dryer duct? LG Dryer error codes D80, D85, D90, and D95 are designed to alert you to this issue. These codes specifically signal a blockage in the vent system, which can result from a variety of causes, including lint buildup, debris, or even external factors like bird’s nests.

LG Dryer error codes D80 D85 D90 D95 Reset
Clearing d80, d85, d90 and d95 notification codes from control panel

When these error codes appear, the dryer will stop working, and the “Flow Sense” warning will appear on the control panel. In this article, we will explore the steps necessary to fix the dryer duct restriction error and how to deactivate the LG Dryer Flow Sense warning.

Under what conditions do the LG dryer error codes D80, D85, D90, and D95 occur, and how do you fix them?

Reasons why your dryer may display error codes d80, d85, d90, and d95

  • If you notice that your duct is clogged with lint, we recommend having it cleaned to prevent potential problems.
  • If you find that the screen at the end of your air duct is blocking the flow of air, please be aware that it can become clogged with lint, leading to poor drying performance, longer drying times, or no drying at all.
LG Dryer Clogged Duct A Lint Hazard
  • A restricted flap will impede airflow and prolong drying times. Remove any obstructions from the flap to ensure proper ventilation.
LG Dryer Restricted Airflow Investigate Faulty Flap
  • In the case of a kinked duct, we advise you to straighten it out and switch to semi-rigid ducts instead of flexible ducts, which can cause issues.
    • The use of a vinyl and Foil Flex vent is not recommended when connecting the dryer to the main exhaust duct.
      • Instead, semi-rigid and rigid ducts are the only acceptable venting materials.
  • Multiple bends in the flexible duct between the dryer and the wall will impact the total duct run.
  • An exhaust system that is too long or has too many turns or restrictions can lead to problems with proper ventilation.
LG Dryer Bent Duct Rerouting Needed for Optimal Flow
  • If the house exhaust system is blocked, it will impact the performance of the dryer and result in longer drying times or no drying at all.

LG Dryer Safety and Maintenance Guide: Essential Steps for Proper Exhaust System Maintenance

Remember to always unplug the dryer and exercise caution when attempting any repairs.

  • Before using the appliance, it is essential to ensure that the exhaust system has been cleaned and/or repaired to avoid any safety hazards.
  • To avoid any potential safety hazards, it is important to keep the area around the dryer clean and free of clutter. Additionally, checking the vent hood for damage or clogging is recommended.
  • To maintain proper airflow, regularly check the lint screen for blockages from fabric softener and/or dryer sheets. Clean the screen with a soft brush and hot water if necessary. Customers who use fabric softeners and dryer sheets should perform this maintenance routine.
  • While the appliance is running, it is crucial to check the outside dryer vent for strong airflow to ensure that the exhaust is working correctly and have the exhaust system repaired or rerouted if it’s extremely long to prevent any issues.
  • It is not safe to operate the appliance with severely restricted exhaust, as it may result in a fire or other property damage.
  • To prevent clogs or blockages, it is essential to check the vent cap regularly.
    • Improperly installed vent caps or bird nesting inside the cap can also lead to clogged screens. Ensuring proper installation and regular inspections can help maintain optimal airflow.
    • Exterior wall vent caps can become clogged due to flappers not being allowed to fully open because of screens.
    • Blocked airflow may cause the high-limit thermostat to malfunction.
LG Dryer Roof Vent Clogged Check Blocked Cap Screens for Optimal Ventilation
  • Verify the proper connection of the internal duet and ensure that there are no obstructions to prevent any potential safety hazards.
  • When checking the appliance, ensure that nothing is caught in the blower wheel.
  • After resolving the initial issue, it became apparent that the high-limit thermostat had to be changed because it had been frequently triggered as a result of restricted air circulation.

Clearing the D80 Notification on Your Dryer: A Step-by-Step Guide

Even after conducting proper maintenance and cleaning on the venting duct conduit, some dryers may continue to display the d80, d85, d90, and d95 notifications upon powering on. If you find the notification to be overly sensitive, it is possible to disable it. The buildup of lint within the exhaust venting duct can cause the temperature inside the dryer drum to quickly rise, posing a potential fire hazard.

To prevent this, LG dryers come equipped with the Flow Sense feature, which stops the operation of the appliance and displays a (d80, d85, d90, and d95) notification to notify the user. If you have already cleaned the venting duct and the notification still occurs, refer to the table provided below for guidelines on how to deactivate the d80, d85, d90, and d95 error codes from the display panel.

To turn off the flow sensor on your LG dryer:

1Begin by turning the dryer on.
2Next, press and hold both the Time Dry and Signal buttons at the same time for three seconds.
3The display will show the “OFF” script to confirm that the operation has been applied successfully.

To turn on the flow sensor on your LG dryer:

Simply repeat the steps, and the display will show “ON”.

Models:You can use:
DLEX89 series
DLGX89 series
TurboSteam and Less Time buttons
LG Dryer Flowsense Bypass model 1
LG Dryer FlowSense Bypass
Models:Models:You can use:
DLE34 series
DLG34 series
DLE36 series
DLG36 series
DLE70 series
DLG70 series
DLE71 series
DLG71 series
Wrinkle Care and Time Dry buttons
LG Dryer Flowsense Bypass model 2
LG Dryer FlowSense Bypass
Models:Models:Models:You can use:
DLE30 series
DLG30 series
DLE33 series
DLE35 series
DLG35 series
DLEX37 series
DLGX37 series
DLEX38 series
DLGX38 series
DLEX39 series
DLGX39 series
DLEX40 series
DLGX40 series
DLEX42 series
DLGX42 series
DLEX427 series
DLGX42 series
DLEX43 series
DLGX43 series
DLEX45 series
DLGX45 series
DLEX72 series
DLE737 series
DLG73 series
DLEX73 series
DLEX78 series
DLGX78 series
DLEX79 series
DLGX79 series
Time-Dry and Signal Buttons
LG Dryer Flowsense Bypass model 3
LG Dryer Flowsense Bypass


Own an LG dryer? Seeing error codes D80, D85, D90, or D95? It’s likely a duct blockage causing trouble. Your dryer may stop, flashing “Flow Sense.” To solve this, follow these steps: Clean the duct, deactivate Flow Sense, and keep your LG dryer efficient.

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