LG washing machines come equipped with an error code mode to help troubleshoot issues. However, homeowners often misread the vS error code as a u5 error due to the display’s limitations.

LG Washing Machine u5 Error Code Troubleshooting tips
LG Washing Machine u5 Error Code: Troubleshooting tips

In this post, we explore the reasons behind this U5 or VS error code and provide clarity on understanding and resolving the U5 error message. Let’s unravel the mystery together and regain control over our laundry routines.

LG Washing Machine u5 Error Code Explained!

The LG washing machine u5 error code typically indicates a problem with the vibration. The error is an abbreviation for “Vibration Sensor Error,” meaning that the washer has detected an issue with excessive vibration during operation.

What is the reason for the u5 error code appearing on my LG front-load washing machine?

There are several factors that can contribute to this error code:

  • Shipping bolts not removed: If the washing machine was recently installed or moved, it’s essential to ensure that the shipping bolts, which stabilize the drum during transportation, have been removed. Failure to remove these bolts can cause excessive vibrations and trigger the u5 error.
LG washer Shipping bolts not removed
  • Unstable or uneven floor: If the floor beneath the washing machine is not stable or level, it can result in increased vibrations during operation, leading to the u5 error code.
lg washer u5 or vs error code Unstable or uneven floor
  • Improper leveling during installation: Incorrect leveling of the washing machine can cause it to vibrate excessively, resulting in the u5 error. Ensuring proper leveling is crucial to preventing this issue.
  • Improper loading: Overloading or unevenly distributing the laundry inside the drum can cause an imbalance and lead to increased vibrations, triggering the u5 error code.
  • Excessive movement of the inner tube: If the inner tube has excessive side-to-side or up-and-down movement, it can cause vibrations during the wash cycle and result in the u5 error.
  • Damaged or excessively vibrating vibration sensor: The sensor responsible for detecting vibrations may be damaged or experiencing excessive movement, triggering the u5 error code.

If you encounter the u5 error code on your LG washing machine, follow these troubleshooting steps to resolve the issue:

  • Remove the shipping bolts: Ensure that the shipping bolts, which secure the drum during transportation, have been removed. These bolts can cause excessive vibrations if not removed, leading to the u5 error.
vs or u5 Error Code Remove the shipping bolts
  • Check the floor stability and level: Make sure the floor beneath the unit is stable and level. Uneven or unstable flooring can contribute to increased vibrations and trigger the u5 error.
  • Ensure correct leveling during installation: Verify that the washing machine has been correctly leveled during installation. Adjust the leveling legs as needed to ensure proper stability.
  • Check the pedestal and attachments: If your unit is installed on a pedestal, ensure that it is level with the legs as short as possible. Check that all the screws attached to the washer and pedestal are in place and tightened. Ensure that the leg locking nuts are securely tightened.
  • Run a rinse and spin cycle with the proper load. Perform a rinse and spin cycle with bath towels and observe the unit’s operation. If it runs normally, educate the customer on proper loading techniques to prevent imbalances. Ask the customer to bring samples of loads that caused issues to further analyze the problem.
  • Inspect tub weights, springs, struts, and spider assembly: Check if the tub weights are securely mounted and the bolts are tightened. Ensure that the paint on the tub springs is the same color and properly installed. Inspect the struts for damage or rust on the shaft. Also, inspect the spider assembly and tub bearings for signs of failure.
  • Check for loose connections and damage: Check the vibration sensor and main PCB for loose connections and possible damage to the harness; if the error still occurs, replace the sensor. If the error persists, check for the presence of 5 volts on the red and black wires. If the sensor is not receiving +5 volts, replace the main board.
lg washing machine vs or u5 error code Check the vibration sensor


By addressing these factors, such as removing shipping bolts, ensuring a stable floor, leveling the machine correctly, loading the unit properly, and checking for excessive tub movement, you can fix the LG washing machine u5 error code and restore its normal operation.

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