Feeling stuck in a spin cycle with your Midea top load washer flashing an E2 error? Don’t worry, you’re not alone! This comprehensive guide is your one-stop shop for understanding and resolving the Midea Top Load Washer E2 error code. We’ll break down the meaning of the code, explore potential causes, and guide you through simple troubleshooting steps.

Mide a Top Load Washer E2 Error Code Explained!
Midea Top Load Washer E2 Error Code Explained!!

Let’s get your washer back on track together!

Midea Top Load Washer E2 Error Code? Spin Cycle Spin-out Solved!

E2 Error Code on Midea Top Load Washer: Drain Error

The E2 error code on a Midea Top Load Washer typically indicates a problem with the drainage system. The error stands for “Drain Pump Error,” meaning that the drainage time has exceeded the set time and has failed to drain completely.

Common Causes of the E2 Error Code and Solutions:

Several factors can contribute to the E2 error code, and the following list provides solutions to address each potential issue:

  1. Drainage Pipe Issues:
  • Check if the drainage pipe is crushed or bent. A crushed or bent drainage pipe can cause poor drainage and trigger drainage timeout alarms, so it is necessary to ensure that the pipe is unobstructed.
  1. Drainage Outlet Height:
  • Verify if the height of the drainage outlet is within the recommended range of 15 cm (6 inches). If the outlet is too high, it may cause poor drainage.
  1. Blocked Drainage Pipe:
  1. Traction Wire Rope or Valve Rod Issues:
  • Check if the traction wire rope or the drainage valve rod is broken or pulled out. Replace the traction assembly or drain valve if necessary.
  1. Traction Motor and Wiring Issues:
  • Examine if the terminals of the traction motor are poorly connected or if the wiring harness is broken.
    • First, check for loose connections at the wire terminal and adjust or replace the wiring if necessary.
    • Second, inspect the wire harness for any signs of damage or breakage. For non-frequency conversion models, use a multimeter to test the wire harness.
  • Damaged Traction Motor:
    • Replace if necessary: If the motor itself is faulty, it needs to be replaced.
  1. Traction Device and Release Lever Issues:
  • Check if the steel wire rope of the traction device has come off, and ensure that the release lever is secure.
  1. Testing the Traction Machine and Main Board/Inverter:
  • If voltage is detected normally, replace the traction machine.
  • If no voltage is detected, check the main board’s output terminals for voltage. If none, replace the computer board.
  1. Additional Steps for Non-Inverter Washing Machines:
  • For non-inverter machines, check the computer board’s output voltage during spin mode using a multimeter. If no voltage is present, replace the main board (computer board).


The E2 error code on your Midea Top Load Washer signals a drainage problem that requires prompt attention. By understanding the common causes and following the detailed troubleshooting steps, you can effectively restore the washer’s normal operation.

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