Hey folks! Ever seen an E3 error code on your Midea top load washer and thought, “What’s up with that?” We’ve got your back! In this post, we’ll chat about what the Midea top load washer E3 error code means, why it happens, and walk you through fixing it. Simple solutions for stress-free laundry:

Midea Top Load Washer E3 Error Code Explained
Midea Top Load Washer E3 Error Code Explained!

Let’s get started on how to fix the Midea top load washer E3 error code. # MideaFixes

Troubleshooting the Midea Top Load Washer E3 Error Code: Simple Fixes for Seamless Laundry

The E3 error code on a Midea Top Load Washer typically points to a problem with the door switch, and it stands for “Door left open error.” This means that either the washing machine door is open during operation or the impact switch is disconnected.

Factors Contributing to the E3 Error Code and Solutions:

  1. Washing Machine Door Not Closed:
    • Ensure the door is properly closed. If the error persists, advise closing the door securely and pressing the start button again. Some models clear the alarm simply by closing the door.
  2. Faulty Door Magnetic Switch and Magnet:
    • Inspect the door magnetic switch and magnet. Replace the magnetic switch if necessary. Test the machine; if it functions correctly, the door magnetic switch might be damaged. Professionals can use a multimeter to check its resistance.
    • Additional Tips:
      • Use a screwdriver to check the magnet’s magnetic properties; if not, replace it.
      • With the door closed, check the resistance value of the door switch using a multimeter (it should be ~0.1–1.2 ohms).
      • With the door open, check the resistance value of the door switch (which should be OL).
  3. Faulty suspension rod:
    • Confirm the suspension rod’s status, ensuring it hasn’t come off. Press the spin bucket to check for excessive deviation. Reinstall or replace the suspension rod if needed.
  4. Inspect the impact switch and wiring harness.
    • Inspect the impact switch for damage. Check for open circuits or poor connections in the wiring harness.
      • If it is open, replace it.
    • Follow technician steps to address issues.
      • Turn off the power and inspect the wiring harness terminals for loose connections.
      • Use a multimeter to check continuity between specific wire harnesses when the door is closed.
      • If continuity is present, the wiring is intact.
  5. Check the main PCB (computer board):
    • If all other checks are normal, consider replacing the PCB.


Tackling the E3 error code on your Midea Top Load Washer doesn’t have to be a head-scratcher. Ensuring the door is securely closed, checking the magnetic switch and magnet, inspecting the impact switch, and verifying the wiring harness can go a long way in resolving the issue. If all else fails, considering a PCB replacement might be the final piece of the puzzle.

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