Confused by the blinking lights on your Midea washer? You’re not alone. This blog post will break down the most common Midea top load washer error codes, explain what they mean, and provide simple troubleshooting tips to get your laundry spinning again.

Midea Top Load Washer Error Codes Explained

MIDEA Top Load Washer Error Codes

Remember to always unplug the washer and exercise caution when attempting any repairs.

E1: Inlet valve error.

The E1 error code on your Midea top load washer indicates that it’s having trouble filling with water. There are several possible causes for this, ranging from simple issues like a closed water valve to more complex problems like a faulty inlet valve solenoid.


  • Check the water tape. Turn both faucets on fully.
  • Check if the water pressure is lower than usual or not.
  • Clean the water valve filter screen.
  • Check the wire harness connector.
  • Check the resistance of the water inlet valve.
Electric part nameOhmic value
Inlet valve1650Ω @ 120Vac | 3600Ω @ 220Vac
  • Check the water level sensor and replace it if necessary.
  • Check the main PCB and replace it if necessary.

E2: Drain pump error.

The E2 error code on your Midea top load washer indicates a drain pump malfunction. There are several possible causes:


  • Clogged drain valve or hose.
  • Faulty retractor.
  • Faulty drain pump (Only for up-drain system)
  • Faulty water level sensor


  • Clean the drain valve and/or hose.
  • A retractor consists of a motor and traction system; it can drive the drain valve to drain water and, at the same time, control the clutch to achieve the conversion from washing to spinning operation.
    • If the washer won’t drain, you should check the retractor.
  • Check the resistance of the drain pump.
Electric part nameOhmic Value
Drain pump16Ω @ 120Vac | 140Ω @ 220Vac
Clean the drain pump filter before checking and/or replacing the pump.
  • Check the air chamber.
  • Check the water level sensor.
  • Check the main PCB.

E3: Lid open error.

E3 indicates that the washer’s lid is not closed properly, preventing it from operating safely.

Related error codes:

  • FD: Lid lock error.
    • The “FD” error code indicates a problem with the lid lock mechanism, which is crucial for safety and proper operation.


  • Check the lid switch assembly.
    • The lid switch assembly can fail either mechanically or electrically.
  • Test any electrical switches with an Ohm meter for continuity.
    • The switches should have continuity according to their design.
  • Check the resistance of the lid lock.
Electric part nameOhmic Value
Lid lock assembly~ 65 Ω
  • Check the main PCB.

E4: Spin unbalance error.

E4 indicates a spin unbalance issue. This means the washer’s load is unevenly distributed, preventing safe and efficient spinning.

Related error codes:

  • E5: The washing machine is not on a flat surface.


  • Make sure that:
    • The washing machine is level.
      • Readjust the legs of the washer if they do not set on a level surface.
    • The laundry load is balanced.
  • When the appliance is level but the tub or drum is still shaking, it indicates that the suspension assembly and/or balance ring are malfunctioning.
    • Check the suspension assembly and replace it if necessary.
    • Check the balance ring and replace it if necessary.
  • Check the safety switch bar deformation for continuity with the multimeter:
Electric part namePositionOhmic valueabnormal value
Safety/impact switchOperation Normal~ 0.1 – 2.5 Ω∞Ω / OL
Safety/impact switchOperation engaged∞Ω / OL~ 0.1 – 2.5 Ω
Operation engaged: means when the impact switch is pushed

F2: EEPROM error.

F2 error: Indicates a problem with the EEPROM, potentially affecting its ability to read data correctly.

Related error codes:

  • C9: PCB failure error.


  • Replace the main PCB.

F3: Water level sensor error

An F3 error code on a Midea top-load washer indicates a problem with the water level sensor. This sensor is responsible for detecting the amount of water in the tub and ensuring that it fills to the correct level for each cycle.


  • Check the wire connection between the main PCB and the water level sensor.
  • Replace the sensor hose if it causes air leakage.
  • Clean the air chamber.
  • Check the water level sensor resistance.
Electric part nameCapacitance value between 1 and 2 = 2 and 3Ohmic Value between 1 and 3
Water level sensor~ 40 – 50 nf~ 20–40 Ω
  • Check the main PCB and replace it if necessary

CL: Child/Control lock notification.

  • Child/Control Lock indicates that the washer’s control panel is locked to prevent unintended changes to settings or accidental starts, especially by children.


To deactivate the child lock function:

  • Locate the “Soil Level” and “Temp” buttons.
    • Find these buttons on the control panel of your Midea top-load washer. They are typically located near the center or top of the panel.
  • Press and hold both buttons for 3 seconds.
    • Use two fingers to press and firmly hold both the “Soil Level” and “Temp” buttons at the same time.
    • Maintain steady pressure for a full 3 seconds, counting slowly to ensure accurate timing.
  • Release the buttons when the CL notification disappears.
    • After 3 seconds, you should observe the “CL” notification vanishing from the washer’s display. This indicates the successful deactivation of the child lock.
    • If the notification persists, try repeating the process, ensuring accurate and simultaneous button presses for the full 3 seconds.
Midea Top Loader CL error code

C8: Communication failure between the user interface and main boards.

The C8 error code indicates a communication breakdown between the main control board and the user interface (control panel) board in your washing machine. This means these two crucial components are unable to exchange signals effectively, preventing the washer from operating correctly.


  1. Communication Failure:
    • Damaged wiring or connectors: Check for loose or damaged wires and connectors between the boards. Repair or replace them as needed.
    • Faulty user interface board: If the control panel itself is malfunctioning, it may not be able to communicate properly. Replacing it may be necessary.
  2. Incorrect Connections:
    • Wires or terminals: Ensure all wires and terminals are connected securely and correctly according to the wiring diagram.
    • Faulty control board: In rare cases, the control board itself may be the root cause of the communication failure.


  1. Inspect and verify connections:
    • Thoroughly check for loose, damaged, or incorrectly connected wires and terminals. Reseat any loose connections and repair or replace damaged wires.
  2. Test the user interface board:
    • If connections are good, isolate the issue to the control panel by testing it with a multimeter to check for continuity and proper voltage levels.
    • If the user interface board is faulty, replace it with a compatible unit.
  3. Address Control Board (if necessary):
    • If the user interface board tests fine, consider the possibility of a faulty control (main) board.

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