Is your Samsung dishwasher displaying the PC error code? If so, you’re not alone. There are numerous potential causes for this common error code. In this blog post, we’ll give you a thorough explanation of the Samsung dishwasher PC error code, including its meaning, root causes, troubleshooting, and practical fixes to resolve it.

Samsung Dishwasher PC Error Code Explained
Samsung Dishwasher PC Error Code Explained!

This post is your go-to guide, covering everything you need to know about the PC fault code:

  • What is the Samsung dishwasher PC error code?
  • What causes the PC fault code?
  • Troubleshooting and effective solutions to fix the PC fault code

So, if you’re dealing with the Samsung dishwasher PC error code, stay with us as we help you troubleshoot and resolve it.

Understanding the Samsung Dishwasher PC Error Code: Its Meaning, Causes, and Effective Solutions

The PC code, sometimes displayed as PE, on your Samsung dishwasher is primarily an indicator that the dishwasher is experiencing difficulty detecting the distributor motor’s position. This error, also referred to as the “Half Load Error,” “Zone Wash Error,” or “Diverter Valve Error,” essentially means that the dishwasher is unable to receive a feedback signal from the distributor micro-switch due to several potential issues.

  • One common reason for this error is a faulty wire harness, which disrupts the communication between the micro-switch and the dishwasher’s mainboard. Another possible cause could be a malfunctioning distributor motor or microswitch itself, preventing the necessary information from being relayed to the mainboard.
  • In an alternate scenario, the mainboard might receive a false feedback signal from the distributor microswitch even when the motor is already stationary. This could be due to a faulty diverter oil seal, which could allow water leakage to activate the microswitch erroneously.

In summary, the Samsung dishwasher PC error code on your Samsung dishwasher usually signifies a problem with the distributor motor’s position detection, and it can result from issues with the wire harness, distributor motor, microswitch, or diverter oil seal.

Common Causes of the Samsung Dishwasher PC Error Code

Several factors can contribute to the appearance of the PC error on your Samsung dishwasher. Here’s a breakdown of these potential causes:

  1. Faulty Distributor Motor or Micro-Switch Harness Connection: This occurs when there is a loose or disconnected wire harness connection between the main board and distributor motor or micro-switch. These components need to communicate effectively for the dishwasher to operate correctly. If the connection is compromised, it can result in a PC fault code.
  2. Faulty Distributor Microswitch: The distributor microswitch is an important component responsible for indicating the position of the distributor motor. If this microswitch becomes defective and fails to send the appropriate signals, the dishwasher won’t be able to determine the motor’s position, triggering the PC error code.
  3. Faulty Distributor Motor: The distributor motor is essential for controlling water flow and directing it to the appropriate areas of the dishwasher, such as the lower, medium, and upper spray arms. A malfunctioning motor can disrupt this process and prevent the dishwasher from functioning correctly, resulting in the PC fault code.
  4. Faulty Distributor Motor (Diverter Valve) Oil Seal: The microswitch is designed to sense changes in the motor’s position and trigger actions accordingly. When the oil seal is faulty, it can lead to leaks, which in turn can mislead the microswitch, causing the dishwasher to believe the motor is moving when it is actually stationary. This leads to the PC error code.
  5. Faulty Main Board: If the main board becomes defective and can’t effectively send or receive signals to and from the distributor motor and micro-switch, it disrupts the communication required for the dishwasher’s operation. In such cases, the main board might be unable to coordinate the functions, leading to the PC error code.

Solving the Samsung Dishwasher PC Error Code: Troubleshooting and Solutions

If you encounter the PC error code on your Samsung dishwasher, don’t worry; there are steps you can take to troubleshoot and resolve the issue. Follow these solutions:

  1. Check the connections
  • Inspect the connections for the main board, distributor motor, and micro-switch connectors. Ensure that they are properly seated and secure.
  1. Inspect the diverter valve oil seal
  • Carefully examine the diverter valve oil seal. Look for signs of wear, damage, or leakage. If the oil seal is damaged and is causing leaks, it can mislead the micro-switch and lead to the PC error code.
  • If you find that the oil seal is compromised, it’s essential to replace the water divider motor assembly.
  1. Test the distributor motor coil
  • Measure the resistance of the distributor motor coil, which should ideally be around 3.6 to 4.0 kΩ. If the resistance falls outside this range, it may indicate a problem with the motor and may need replacement.
Samsung Dishwasher distributor motor
Samsung Dishwasher Distributor Motor Resistance Measurement
  1. Evaluate the Micro-Switch
  • Test the operation of the microswitch using a multimeter. Check for conduction between the micro-switch terminals in different states:
    • Micro-switch On: There should be a short (conductive)
    • Micro-switch off: There should be an open circuit.
Samsung Dishwasher distributor microswitch
Samsung Dishwasher Distributor Microswitch Resistance Measurement
  1. Adjust the Cam Assembly
  • Examine and, if necessary, adjust the position of the cam assembly. The cam assembly plays a crucial role in the operation of the micro-switch and distributor motor. Proper alignment is essential to avoid errors like the PC error code.
  1. Replace the Main PCB
  • If the above steps do not resolve the issue and you have confirmed that the connections, motor coil, micro-switch, and cam assembly are all in working order, it may be necessary to replace the main PCB (printed circuit board).


When faced with the PC error code on your Samsung dishwasher, addressing the issue can be straightforward with these troubleshooting steps. By checking and rectifying potential causes such as connections, motor coil, micro-switch, cam assembly, and even the oil seal, you can restore your dishwasher to its optimal performance. If all else fails, replacing the main PCB may be the final solution.

FAQs: Troubleshooting the Samsung Dishwasher PC Error Code

The Samsung dishwasher PC error code suggests that the dishwasher is unable to detect the distributor motor’s position correctly. It’s often referred to as the “Half Load Error” or “Diverter Valve Error.”

Multiple things can cause the PC error code, such as loose connections between the motor and the micro-switches, problems with the distributor motor, broken micro-switches, misaligned cam assembly, or even a leaking diverter oil seal.

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