The E6 error code on your Smeg dishwasher indicates a drainage issue. This means the dishwasher is having trouble removing water during the cycle.

Smeg Dishwasher E6 Error Code
Smeg Dishwasher E6 Error Code: Troubleshooting Guide

Here’s a breakdown of what might be causing the problem and how to troubleshoot:

Understanding the Cause: Troubleshooting the Smeg Dishwasher E6 Error Code

  • Blocked drain hose: Food scraps or debris can accumulate in the drain hose, preventing proper water flow.
  • Faulty drain pump: The pump itself might be malfunctioning and unable to drain the water efficiently.
  • Level pressure switch malfunction: This switch is responsible for detecting water levels in the dishwasher. If it’s faulty, the dishwasher might not recognize when all the water has drained.
  • Loose electrical connections: Connections between the drain pump, level pressure switch, and electronic board might be loose, causing communication issues.
  • Electronic board failure: In rare cases, the electronic board that controls the dishwasher might be malfunctioning.

Fixing the E6 Error: A Step-by-Step Guide for Your Smeg Dishwasher

  1. Clean the drain filter: Refer to your user manual for the location and cleaning instructions for the drain filter. Regularly cleaning the filter can help prevent future clogs.
  2. Inspect the drain hose: Check the hose for any visible kinks or blockages. Straighten any bends and remove any debris you find.
  3. Reset the dishwasher: A simple reset can sometimes resolve temporary glitches. Consult your user manual for specific reset instructions for your Smeg dishwasher model.
  4. Verifying electrical connections:
    • Your manual might have instructions on how to check the connections between the drain pump, pressure switch, and electronic board using a tester.
  5. Checking the drain pump and level pressure switch:
    • Your manual might provide instructions on how to test these components using a multimeter (electrical tester).
    • A faulty drain pump or pressure switch might need to be replaced.
  6. If the drain pump seems to be functioning but the E6 error persists, the issue might lie with the electronic control board. Replacing this board can be a complex task and might be best left to a qualified appliance repair technician.

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