Today, we’re focusing on the dH code and showing you exactly how to get your refrigerator back in action. No more head-scratching—just simple, straightforward steps to solve the LG refrigerator dH error.

LG Refrigerator dH Error Code dH, E rdH, E fdH ERROR CODE

If that mysterious dH code has been bothering you, let’s tackle it together. Ready to dive in and get your fridge back on track? Let’s do this!

Understanding the LG Refrigerator dH Error Codes on Your LG Refrigerator

Seeing the dH error code on your LG refrigerator can be alarming, but don’t panic! We’re here to help. This code indicates an issue with the defrost cycle, either in the refrigerator compartment (“E rdH“) or the freezer compartment (“E fdH“).

Uh oh! It looks like your LG refrigerator is displaying the “E rdH” error code. Don’t worry, this code points to a particular problem with the defrosting in the fresh food compartment, and we can guide you through troubleshooting it.

This code indicates that the heating element responsible for preventing ice buildup in the fridge compartment isn’t working properly. This can lead to uneven temperatures in your fridge, which might affect food preservation.

If you see the “E fdH” error code on your LG refrigerator, it means there’s an issue with defrosting in the freezer compartment. Don’t worry, we’re here to help!

What does the error code mean?

The “E fdH” code stands for “Freezer Defrost Heater,” indicating that the heating element responsible for preventing ice buildup in the freezer isn’t working properly. This can lead to frost accumulating in your freezer, which can:

  • Affect cooling performance: Frost buildup can insulate food, making it harder for the freezer to maintain a consistently low temperature, which can impact food safety.
  • Increase energy consumption: The refrigerator has to work harder to cool through the frost, using more energy.

LG Refrigerator dH Error Code: Causes and Comprehensive Solutions

Unveil the reasons behind the enigmatic dH error on your LG fridge. Our comprehensive solutions guide you through door checks, wire harness inspections, and more. Tackle the dH error and restore your fridge’s efficiency.

Culprits Behind the LG refrigerator dH Error Code: Unraveling Frost-Inducing Factors

  • Air Infiltration: The Doorway to Trouble

A seemingly minor issue like a poorly sealed door can wreak havoc on your fridge’s defrosting process. If warm air seeps in due to a worn-out gasket or misaligned door, it can rapidly create frost buildup, overwhelming the defrost cycle and triggering the dH error.

  • Faulty Heater Wire Harness: A Power Play Gone Wrong

The heater wire harness acts as its power source, delivering the energy needed to melt away icy foes. However, a malfunctioning harness can leave the heater powerless, leading to frost accumulation and the dreaded dH error.

  • Defrost Sensor: The Misinformed Informant

Think of the defrost sensor as the fridge’s internal thermometer, constantly monitoring temperature and sending crucial information to the main control board. If this sensor malfunctions and transmits inaccurate data, the control board might be misled, initiating the defrost cycle at the wrong time or for an insufficient duration, ultimately leading to the dH error.

  • Defrost Heater Issue.

The defrost heater itself is the valiant warrior directly responsible for vanquishing frost. If the heater malfunctions or fails completely, frost buildup becomes an unstoppable foe, triggering the dH error as a cry for help.

  • Main Control Board: The Confused Commander

The main control board acts as the refrigerator’s brain, coordinating various functions like the defrost cycle. However, if this central command center malfunctions, sending or receiving incorrect signals, the defrost process can become chaotic, resulting in the dH error code.

Resolving the LG refrigerator dH Error Code: Step-by-Step Troubleshooting Guide

If you’re faced with the frustrating dH error code on your LG fridge, fear not—here’s a comprehensive set of troubleshooting steps to tackle the issue head-on:

  • Begin by ensuring that your refrigerator door is closing tightly and that the door gasket is in good condition. Any air leaks can lead to frost buildup, triggering the error code. Make certain the door is sealed properly to prevent external air infiltration.
  • Next, examine the wire harness responsible for the defrost heater. Look for any visible damage or loose connections. A faulty harness can hinder the heater’s performance, contributing to frost accumulation.
  • Test the defrost sensor‘s resistance using a multimeter. At a temperature of 25°C (77°F), the resistance should read around 11 kiloohms. If the reading differs significantly, it might indicate a faulty sensor.
Defrost Sensor Resistance Measurements on LG fridge
  • To assess the entire defrost circuit, disconnect the connector from the main board. Place needle leads on the wire side of the connector and check for continuity. If there’s no continuity, inspect the defrost heater at the evaporator for proper connections. If everything appears fine, proceed to examine the thermofuse. Its resistance should be approximately 0.1 ohm at 77°C. If the fuse is in good condition, check the defrost heater‘s resistance, which should fall within the range of 40 to 82 ohms.
LG fridge fdh rdh error codes defrost heater and thermo-fuse resistance measurements
LG fridge fdh rdh error codes defrost heater and thermo-fuse resistance measurements
  • Should the error persist after completing the above steps, it’s time to evaluate the main board. During a forced defrost test (by pressing the Test button twice), ensure the refrigerator’s temperature is below 4°C (40°F) to activate the test mode. Using a multimeter, measure the main board’s voltage—220 volts or 120 volts, depending on your refrigerator’s country. If the main board doesn’t output the correct voltage, it might be the culprit and necessitate replacement.


Navigating the LG refrigerator dH error code can be a head-scratching journey, but with our insights into the dH error code on LG refrigerators, you’re better equipped to troubleshoot and resolve issues.

FAQs about the LG Refrigerator dH Error Code

The dH error code indicates a problem with the defrosting process in your refrigerator’s fresh food or freezer area. It’s a signal that something’s not quite right and might need attention.

Many LG refrigerator dH error code issues can be resolved with the simple troubleshooting steps outlined in our guide.

Yes, a clogged defrost drain tube can contribute to the dH error code. This blockage can hinder the proper drainage of melted ice, leading to frost buildup and temperature imbalances. Regularly checking and clearing the drain tube can prevent this issue.

If you suspect a clogged defrost drain tube, use the Refrigerator Drain Clog Remover Tools Kit and gently remove any debris causing the blockage to ensure proper drainage, which can help prevent the dH error code from recurring.

Refrigerator Drain Clog Remover Tools Kit for lg refrigerator

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