We’ll break down common Haier washing machine error codes, offer simple troubleshooting techniques, and even provide quick DIY fixes for minor issues.

Haier Washing Machine Error Codes Explained
Haier Washing Machine Error Codes Explained!

Whether you own a newer Haier model or a trusty classic, this guide will get your laundry back on track.

HAIER Washing Machine Error Codes

Remember to always unplug the washer and exercise caution when attempting any repairs.

CLR FLTR: Drainage error

This error occurs when the washer fails to drain all the water within the specified time (usually 6 minutes).


  • Clogged filter or drain hose.
  • Faulty drain pump
  • Faulty main PCB


  • Clean the filter and check the drain hose for blockage.
  • Check whether the pressure switch hose is blocked or not.
  • Check the wire connection between the pump and power PCB.
  • Check the resistance of the drain pump.
drain pump error
Electric part name:Ohmic value:
Drain pump224 Ω

E2: Door lock failure

This message means the door isn’t locked securely, preventing the machine from starting a cycle. This happens when the electronic board doesn’t receive the signal confirming the door is properly locked.


  • Faulty door lock.
  • Faulty main PCB


  • Close the door properly.
  • Check the wire connection between the door lock and the power PCB.
  • Check the resistance of the door lock.
Electric part name:Ohmic value:
Door lock198 Ω
door lock error
  • Replace the door lock based on your reading.
  • Check the main PCB and replace it if necessary.

F3: Water temperature sensor failure

This error message indicates an issue with the washer’s water temperature sensor. The sensor is responsible for measuring the temperature of the incoming water and relaying that information to the washer’s control board.


  • Faulty harness connection.
  • Faulty temperature sensor.
  • Faulty main PCB


  • Check the wire connection between the NTC and power PCB.
  • Check the resistance of the NTC.
Electric part name:Temperature:Ohmic value:
NTC sensor30 °C9,788 KΩ
  • Replace the NTC sensor based on your reading.
  • If the error still occurs, replace the main PCB.

E4: Water inlet error

This error occurs when the water level in your front-load washer doesn’t reach the required level (usually about two inches above the drum bottom) within eight minutes during the filling cycle.


  • Damaged harness.
  • Faulty water supply valve.
  • Clogged water inlet valve filter screen
  • Frozen water supply during the winter.
  • leaky pressure sensor hose or clogged air chamber.
  • Main PCB fault.


  • Check whether the tap is turned on and whether the water pressure is too low.
  • Check whether the height of the drain hose is 80~100cm.
  • Clean the water inlet valve filter screen.
  • Measure the resistance to check whether it is damaged. The normal value is:
Electric part name:Ohmic value:
Inlet valve4 KΩ
inlet valve error
  • Check the pressure switch hose for air leaks and replace it if necessary.
  • Clean the air chamber.
  • Replace the faulty components based on your reading and their physical condition.

F4: Heater error

This error indicates that the washer’s water temperature isn’t increasing as expected. During a normal cycle, the water temperature should rise by at least 1°C within 4 minutes.


  • Faulty harness connection.
  • Faulty heater assembly.
  • Faulty main PCB


  • Check the wire connection between the heater and the power PCB.
  • Check the resistance of the heater.
Electric part name:Ohmic value:
Heater assembly30Ω
heater error
  • Replace the heater assembly based on your readings.
  • Check whether there is a rated input voltage; if not, replace the main PCB.

F7: Motor error

F7 indicates a motor control problem. The washer is unable to accurately monitor the motor’s rotation, preventing it from operating correctly.

For non-inverter model, the primary issue is a missing or invalid feedback signal from the tachometer. The tachometer is a sensor that measures the motor’s rotation speed and sends this information to the washer’s control board.


  • Faulty harness connection.
  • Faulty DD motor
  • Faulty BLDC motor (V2)
  • Faulty main PCB


  • Check the wire connection between the motor and the driven board.
  • Check the resistance of direct-drive motor
Electric part name:Ohmic value:
DD MOTOR 9KG & 10KG27.5Ω
  • Check the resistance of the BLDC motor.
Electric part name:Ohmic value:
motor error

E8: Water exceeds the protective level

The washing machine’s pressure switch detects excessive water pressure, indicating the water level has exceeded the safe limit. This triggers the machine to stop filling and may activate a drain cycle to prevent overflow.


  • Damaged harness.
  • Water supply valve fault.
  • Clogged pressure sensor hose.
  • Faulty pressure sensor.
  • Faulty main PCB


When the water level is normal, it indicates there is a problem with the water lever sensor; it needs to be checked and/or replaced, but if the water keeps filling in, it indicates that:

  • You have an air leak in the pressure hose or a clogged air chamber.
    • Replace the hose if there is a pinhole in it.
    • Remove foreign material in the air chamber
  • The mechanism of the inlet valve can’t stop water.
    • Replace the water inlet valve; if that’s not the case, then you have short circuits on the AC line switch of the water valve, which means the main board is damaged.

FA: Water level sensor error

A water level sensor error has been detected. This means the washing machine’s control system is not receiving a proper signal from the pressure sensor, which is responsible for monitoring the water level.


  • Damaged harness.
  • Leaky pressure sensor hose
  • Clogged pressure chamber.
  • Faulty water level sensor
  • Faulty display PCB


  • Check the wire connection between the display board and the water level sensor.
  • Check the water level sensor hose and pressure chamber as well.
  • If the problem still exists, replace the water level sensor.
  • If the problem still persists, replace the display PCB.

FC0: Display board communication error

This error signals a communication failure between the washing machine’s main control board and the user interface board. This disruption prevents the machine from functioning properly.

Related error code:

  • FC2: Communication error between display board and power board (main PCB)


  • Damaged harness.
  • Faulty display board.
  • Faulty main PCB


  • Check for a short circuit or open circuit, and make sure the terminals are well inserted.
  • Insert the wire and terminal between the power board and display board only.
  • If the problem still exists, replace the display board.
  • If the problem still persists, replace the display board.

FC1: Communication error between main board (PCB) and inverter board

This error indicates a communication failure between the main control board and the inverter board, essential for motor control.


  • Damaged harness connection.
  • Faulty inverter board.
  • Faulty main PCB


  • Check if the wire connections between the main and inverter boards are loose.
  • Check the inverter board LED indicator.
    1. The LED indicator is off; check the
      output voltage from the power board to the inverter board. If voltage exists, it indicates the inverter board is abnormal. If no voltage exists, it indicates the power board is abnormal.
    2. The LED indicator flashes; replace the inverter board.
    3. The LED indicator is on, replacing the main board.

UNB: Unbalanced load error when spinning

What it means:

  • The washing machine has detected excessive vibration during the spin cycle.
  • It has paused the cycle to prevent damage to the machine or your laundry.

Common causes:

  • Unevenly distributed laundry: Clothes may have clumped together on one side of the drum, creating an imbalance.
  • Overloading the machine: Too many items can make it difficult for the machine to distribute the weight evenly.
  • Very large or heavy items: Blankets, rugs, or bulky items can also cause balance issues.
  • Improper installation: The machine may not be level, causing it to vibrate more easily.
  • Worn suspension parts: Shock absorbers or springs that help dampen vibration may be worn out.

How to fix it:

  1. Redistribute the load.
    • Stop the cycle and open the lid.
    • Manually rearrange the laundry to spread it out evenly.
    • If necessary, remove a few items to reduce the load.
  2. Check for overloading:
    • Make sure you’re not exceeding the recommended load capacity for your machine.
    • If you have a large load, consider dividing it into two smaller loads.
  3. Add more items to the small loads.
    • Surprisingly, very small loads can also become unbalanced.
    • Add a few towels or other items to help distribute the weight.
  4. Check the machine’s level.
    • Use a level to ensure the machine is standing perfectly flat.
    • Adjust the feet if necessary to level it.

Additional tips:

  • Wash heavy items, like towels and jeans, separately from lighter items.
  • Don’t wash a single large item, like a comforter, by itself. Add a few towels to help balance the load.
  • Use the correct spin speed for the load type. Delicate items may require a lower spin speed.

clot or clol-: Child lock notification or control lock notification

This indicates that a lock feature, designed to prevent unintended changes to settings, has been activated.


  • The lock has been turned on, typically for safety or to prevent accidental adjustments.


  • To deactivate the lock, press and hold the “Delay” and “Steam” buttons for 3 seconds.
  • To activate the lock, repeat the same button press.

For detailed instructions and alternative methods, refer to your washing machine’s user manual.

Find out more about Haier product error codes. Learn more today.

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